Paranoia-sometimes there's a trigger to it

Sometimes not. I guess if there’s a trigger you need help with coping with the effect of the trigger ,but more often than not that doesn’t happen. Of course you could agree you need to have been susceptible to have succumbed to the paranoia. Do prescribing pills just dampen the symptom leaving the underlying problem intact?
For sure medication brings down the intensity of the paranoia but it is still there. I am still wary because of the bullying for being a physically and socially awkward teenager , and the times I’ve been laughed at as an adult(again for being ‘different’/socially awkward).


I was just at a party and I was going through some paranoia. I think relaxation is key. People might catch you making an odd gesture or something but they aren’t really watching you as closely as you think. I’ve got nothing to do but try and relax away my sz. I couldn’t stand to be at the party for long. People were smoking weed and drinking, being outrageous. It’s hard to sit next to when your not keeping up. I don’t even want to act that way. Before I start ranting I’ll cut this off.

Meds do nothing unless coincidentally to the cognitive causes of sz.

I’m supposed to believe this shits not real?

Don’t mean to hijack your thread, good post fire monkey.

Your reply was fine.

Speaking of triggers - my brother is a very big one - The other day he came to our home after dropping my father off from the doctors - He starts to lash out and criticize and insult me.
I am now suspecting tat he has a lot of resentment and bottled up anger towards me, it stems from childhood.

He gets a kick out of bullying me - my therapist tells me not to take it personally, but I do feel that he tends to target me intentionally.
I have no choice but to totally ignore him and shut him off - he triggered a major mixed mood episode in me, and I cannot afford to experience more of these kind of episodes

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Your brother sounds like an a$$hole. Can you cease contact with him?

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lol yeah that he is Greg - Unfortunately he plays some kind of legal role in my future - I cannot completely break all ties with him, but I have decided to ignore him and avoid contact with him and his borderline/sociopathic wife - I will no longer be stepping foot in his house. He has a lot of psychological issues, and has severe ADHD that I do believe is not being addressed correctly - in other words he is on the wrong meds.
I do believe that he could benefit from taking an antipsychotic as he breaks from reality once in a while - in my opinion him and his wife are dangerous people

Past traumas do haunt. I find a lot of my problems stem from that.

Also, I feel that when I’m not feeling very well… my confidence takes a dive… then I’m sure everyone is noticing how different I am, how I didn’t do something the way they would… how I’m sure they are judging… talking about me…

But when I’m feeling stronger and better, it’s much easier to tell myself that no one is watching me as much as I think they are. I’m just not that important.


I think that the general theme here is also the common trigger for me: stress. I’ve been under more stress lately as my wife and I separated and I’m on my own. I had a pretty bad bout of paranoia yesterday culminating in insect robots

There IS an underlying problem, for example in my situation, I have lyme disease I’ve tested positive from blood test, and it caused psychiatric problems like psychosis, depression in my teenage years I know how you’re feeling, didn’t know about lyme disease until 20 years later because of short term anti biotic trials, I’m not into remission, but I’m working on it…