Paranoia, psychic abilities

I know I’m under surveillance by the fbi and cia my phone is tapped and so are my parents. Sometimes I see people that are out of place I can read their minds so i know instantly they are fbi or cia. A month ago I went out to dinner for my dads birthday and there was a table right next to us that were all FBI agents. It’s easy for me to make them because of my abilities. Oh and mind reading isn’t my only ability I can also remote view anywhere and hear and see what’s happening in my head.

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This should be under unusual beliefs but I have been feeling paranoid too @Dsyncd

So what does the fbi or cia want to know about you? Especially both of them. Must be some pretty high level stuff.

Truthfully your likely not important enough for even a local detective to check you out.

Hopefully you come to that realization one day

Also remote viewing has been disproven long ago.

Your just using your mental imagery to conjure stuff up.

I have similar problems. I’m followed and recorded too, and I can always tell when someone is reporting on me to them. I hate it! There’s so much I used to enjoy but now I can’t enjoy them. I’m always scared of what will happen. I know they want me on house arrest so they don’t bother me too much when I’m home. It’s my only safe space.

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