Paranoia or sensitive

I have social paranoia - I think when I go out I may be killed etc you know the story.

But, as I’m walking the streets, I feel different about the people I walk by.

Some I think are harmless and some seem threatening, to me.

I can see some teenagers from a 100 yards and feel a threat, am I reading their body language? Is it paranoia or hyper-sensitive to their body language? I dunno.

But I do detect trouble, and it’s often accurate.

What do you think, is it just a delusion/paranoia or sensitivity to body language a 100 yards away?

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Mightn’t be paranoia. Some people are sensitive to other’s “vibe” (body language etc)

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I use to have this paranoia around people in public. Not fear they would harm me but that they could read my thoughts and would be mean.

After going out and socializing more this paranoia went away for the most part.

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It kind of begs the question, what is paranoia and what is sensitivity to vibes I think… normies feel vibes but we have paranoia… where does the difference lie…

Edit: maybe it depends on the accuracy of said vibes or paranoia… I’m usually pretty accurate in detecting a threat, but not always.

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