Paranoia is a force

No wonder I cower before it. It’s a bruising mental force…


I spend years of my life almost a prisoner to it.

I think smoking contributed to my paranoia. I’ve heard it can actually cause sz. But I wouldn’t have been smoking if I hadn’t become victim to a couple of undesirable people. I don’t want to stay in victim mode either. I need to take the albatross off my neck. Life can be better than that.

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Paranoia is brutal. i had 3 days of it last week. it felt like a force of energy running through my brain

I’m lucky. Abilify is keeping my paranoia at bay, well about 90% anyway. I still have the odd episode but they’re rare now. The last thing I had was the feeling that there was a camera in my TV. But even that feeling is gone now. I’m diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia.

Paranoia is a cancer and the fuel of most delusions.

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Can’t stand it.


What’s “quasall?”

Comedian Denis Leary has a comedy CD where he’s complaining about flavored coffee so I think he’s naming off random foods… No pappai no quasall. Etc… I just like the way the word sounds.

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risperidone saved me from paranoia; albeit I still have paranoid moments…

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Whoever said, “Sometimes the paranoids have real enemies.” caused me a lot of anxiety."

A day without paranoia would be nice.