Paranoia Fixation

recently my sza has focused on one of my friends. i talk to him regularly, and he’s a pretty good friend of mine, but recently i’ve been plagued by the fear that he’ll kill me. he owns guns (most people in my area do) and logically i know it’s very unlikely he’d do anything at all to hurt me, but still i’m scared.
to top it off, i keep having very vivid dreams in which he does kill me, and sometimes the voices use his voice, and (ironically) tell me to hurt him. does anyone have any experience with this kind of paranoia/fixation, or any tips on coping? :grimacing:

Hey. I’ve had this sort of paranoia about friends, too – namely that they were all in on some convoluted conspiracy against me.

It went away once the meds kicked in, which I believe is what you’re still waiting on? (Pardon me if I’m mistaken.)

It’s scary when you feel like you can’t trust someone close to you. Hang in there. :hugs:

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