Paranoia, can it be bipolar symptom?

So none of the aps didn’t relieve my anxiety and paranoia. I feel outside like everybody sees that I am ill, that they are even afraid from me. This makes me a bit aggressive. Of course that I wont act, but it makes me too aware and I keep this aggression in me :confused: . I still wonder whats the cause of my paranoia? I guess I have some false beliefs too. Do you think also, that my physical sensations come from the paranoia? I can get weak, scared, breathless etc etc…

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Maybe the bipolar symptoms can fuel psychosis but I don’t think it’s the actual bipolar itself

yeah, I guess its more sz too wow :confused:

Antipsychotics don’t relieve my anxiety or paranoia either. It’s very possible your paranoia is manifesting itself into the physical parts of your body.

NAC helped with paranoia. Propranolol helped with the anxiety at first it’s a blood pressure medication.

I hope everything works out for you.


somebody here who was having bad physical sensations too because of the paranoia? well, its hard for me to heal on this, maybe it will take time. I am so fragile in my head sometimes wow… Maybe ill need some benzos now when ill have to go out. But at least, lithium is working on my depression and negatives now. I even sometimes have more ‘‘normal’’ thinking than ever… But like I said, paranoia is tough still.

It sounds a bit like your mistaking anxiety for paranoia???

I could be wrong.

Unusual thoughts commonly co- incide with feelings of paranoia:

  • thinking someone is out-to-get-you thoughts

  • conspiracy theries

  • anything that includes false victimization including spying

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Which meds helped you, guys and girls? :slight_smile:
I guess I have paranoia, but anxiety too. sometimes I am calm but sometimes I worry for hours and its painful, I get those physical symptoms because of it.
For the moment, the lithium is not a help on my fears. I guess its not his job. he is good for negatives ok, but I remain worried a lot still. somebody who was calmed by his mood stabilizer?

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I’m always paranoid to some level @Anna1.
My psychiatrist told me that paranoia can be a bipolar symptom even when moods are stable.

Paranoia is more commonly seen with schizophrenia and Schizoaffective but is also common among bipolar type 1 patients.

For my anxiety and paranoia therapy worked better than any pills. Though Klonopin helps in certain instances.

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Thank you for the replies honeys :slight_smile:
Ok, Ill take my klonopin now when ill have to go out for my disability and after that ill try to fight it without benzos again. Now, I spent 3 hours of worrying even from the thought that I should go out in 2 days wow… I have this ‘‘bad’’ energy inside me when I am like this. I get shaky too even though you cant see it( it s me only who feels my shakiness)…
Well, wave, unfortunately, its more sz in my case too :confused:

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But sometimes the lithium is worsening even a bit my fears. I want to continue taking it, but I wonder if its natural for a lifting med to do it? cause we sz are sensible to lifting meds…

I wonder if lithium can calm my fears and the paranoia. whats your opinion on that? On the net, some people says its very effective against anxiety wow. I have both, anxiety and paranoia. Today I am less afraid,because of this med I find, but a bit more insensible.

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