Paranoia attacks

So when I feel uncomfortable I get paranoia. I start thinking my parents are talking about me and sometimes I hear a low droning voice. Anyone have any tips on how to make uncomfortable situations a little easier to deal with?

try to put your mind on other things… like being busy with something else to drown out those feelings.

Distract distract distract

Also: DBT skills

Dunk your head in ice cold water, go for a short run, smell strong smells, eat something you hate. Jolting things like that can help me. As can something that takes my brain like sudoku or stroop test (I think that’s what it’s called, where you have color names in different colors that don’t match and you have to read the words or say the colors)

Sometimes I play video games and that helps. But once I get paranoid I can’t do anything. Video games make me more paranoid, movies, whatever. I just vacuumed and that seemed to help some.

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What is DBT? I’ve never heard of that

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