Paranoia And schizophrenia causing me to think people are mocking my voices

Yesterday this lady whispered to me in the elevator said she did it because I was texting on my phone. That didn’t make sense to me cause I wasnt on a call or anything. I got scared feeling it was demons telling her to mock me and my voices by whispering. This isn’t the first time something weird like this has happened. How can I stop thinking illogically and paranoid that everything is demons?

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Do you sometimes hear whispers or voices ?

You can reason with yourself. Only you can hear your voices and possibly know what they mean. I guess what you are doing is thinking worst case scenario which is that someone else can actually know whats going on with your voices, but they can’t.

I too sometimes get voicelike tendencies. Like today there was something telling me to say goodbye to the busdriver the whole busride. It was really annoying, I did say goodbye when I went off though. You should try “no flush niacin” at a dose of 4-500mg. That helps me. If I take it twice a week it’s enough to keep most intruding thoughts at bay.

It wasn’t voices she was talking to me but she whispered I asked her why she said I was texting on my phone. I thought demons caused her to whisper to make fun of how I hear voices that sound like whispering or murmuring.

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Do you feel you have perspective now, that it is just paranoia? I used to get this all the time, thinking every comment from people was about me and my voices

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