Paranoia and Hypomania

It was quite unusual to be so paranoid as though I were always a paranoaic. Although Paranoia is a symptom in Paranoid Schizophrenia, there were times when persons would check on things, like channel surfing on TV, or following movies, or making argumentative points like political reactionaries, that although they were allowed to do so revealed that many other people have been Paranoid. In this sense there is one realm like that of skinny depressed people, and in the other realm are symptoms like hypomania, and paranoia. There are too many skinny depressed people who participate in consumer society, like they are just acting out advertising photograpy, or T.V. sitcoms. Another point was that as Paranoia it’s always like I’m slighted by something alluding to that the T.V. is empty and soulless, that sports fans
follow treacherous bandwagons, and that school drop outs can feel demoralized with lower self esteem, or issues resembling Lazyness. There is a lot of paranoia then involved in checking on things, like exploring videogames, or searching through movies. There is this allowance for the derogatory connotation like the undead, or zombies, like in Night of the Living Dead. Sometimes it’s annoying to thing unconciously of the comparison with Count Dracula, or Frankenstein for something that should be treated with CBT. And then there is this paranoia like reading of novels, that there could be far off elitists like elite intellectuals in control of the world in alarming ways where a person searches out more fictions. This reading of fictions is quite paranoid that persons are so depressed like in school seating charts, that persons could be checking on novels just to act out against depressives. Allowing for the concept of crucifiction, then, there are very dark moments when persons have forgetten the message of life, like that of revivifying vitalities, and have allowed for some kind of crude wording like reactionaries, showing that their affordances have been challenged by the nature of magic itself, that some magic is true magic, yet not all magic spells succeed. There are benefits then to CBT which outweigh the language of grammatical rules, where some arguments could ruin true magic. Certainly, then there is some paranoia behind western culture’s ecclecticism like with independant arts, that persons could be checking on this out of paranoia, yet this just showed off their feelings of depression, that behind their inquisitiveness into alternative arts there are points where they felt depressed more than they could uphold something as valid, or accurate magic. Actually it could be quite an achievement to succeed with magic at alternative arts although there are so many depressives around it like followers of the arts, the noting the pertinance of CBT, that it allows us to identify the depressives that are in the mode of using the Twilight Zone as a metaphor.

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