Parallel thinking and other non-common effects

Hi, I’ve been diagnosed with depression/anxiety, schizophrenia and bipolar by different doctors during last several years (current doctor says bipolar).

I want to know how common are some of my ‘symptoms’ (I did have others more common, like being suspicious my smartphones are made by artificial
intelligence to listen my thoughts - those who believe they are watched by FBI, or that we live an a simulation etc. are considered normal by the way) -
all of them I’ve experienced only once or several times during life, some during taking antidepressant only, some with no drugs. Maybe there are only false
memories? Please advice if fMRI could be of help or other way to better understand self state and possibilities.

parallel thinking

  1. Couple of years ago I once experienced parallel thinking processes - in the middle of thinking about one topic I realized my mind started to think about
    the other topic simultaneously when I wanted to do other task and did not want to stop thinking about first task. That time I just accepted it not trying to
    force anything. As far as I remember, in less then an hour one of thinking ‘channels’ finished and since then I’ve never experienced such.

grow of light
2) During poor light conditions (evening) I saw words on some objects of my interest were glowing with light - several times during one evening

time slowness
3) I realized time started to pass much slower then usual, I moved my hands and could control every parts of movements as with slow motion (several seconds of ‘normal’ time).

  • than one only I’ve read rather common for top sportsmen and for people in stress (I was not in strong stress)

sight from distance
4) I suddenly saw everything being in much distance then before (for several seconds)

Thank you!

Every psychosis is different, so everyone has more common symptoms and less common symptoms. I don’t understand your question very well but I think you’re trying to find people who had similar symptoms.

I’ve had this parallel thinking you describe, still do at times, specially when I’m manic.

Time slowness also, but during psychotic break.

Hope this brings you some comfort.