' pantus fallus downus syndrome ! '

my brother in law ’ shrek ', no he actually looks like shrek in human form !!
has a phobia that his pants are going to fall down !
in ’ man logic ', he pulls his trousers, and shorts up high nearly under his ’ moobs ’ and fastens it all in with a big belt !! genius !
and i am the mentally ill one !?!
take care
p.s my sister in law is always pulling them down to a normal level ( his waist ! ) so his ’ syndrome ’ does not scare or embarrass his two children or their friends…

my other brother in law suffers from the horrible disease of ’ whitus pantus way too tightus syndrome ‘…he is stuck in the seventies…
i think he wants to be john travolta or a member of the bee gees’…
once they were so tight and white he could have been arrested for crimes against fashion…
take care


Because of Justin Bieber, and Psy Gangnam Style…

The M.C. Hammer pants are coming back in style up here.


“Can’t Touch This” !!


NO NO NO NO NO NO NO…no no no no.
take care


For Mr. Nick

That’s word… legit…


My pants fall down all the time too. Maybe I’ll hike them up and sew them to my bra and I won’t have this problem. But first I have to get a bunch of kids to start doing it so it will be the cool thing to do.


it is always good not to be the first one !! not the first fashion victim !
if it all goes horribly wrong you can blame some one else…!!
take care


It’s funny. When this video first came out on MTV or VH1 (can’t remember which) I was going through a relapse. But it makes me nostalgic just the same! Maybe because I was so young at that time. But thanks, I had forgotten how good (catchy) that song really was.

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I wear overalls every day and a powerlifting singlet every night out of fear of my pants falling down.


With all this problem with pants, I sure am glad I wear skirts.


M.C. Hammer can still move. There’s a Gangnam Style / 2 legit 2 quit mix. I can only find the the tiny clip.

Beans and Frank - no calzones?!?

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Lol. I am currently enjoying “laughterus at the pantus situationus”

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