Pansdisease: Oh ____ thread

Your thread seemed to disappear as i was about to reply about spirits not needing to wash and staying awake, etc…
this was my reply…

Man, I am glad I am not totally human…

PS: Spirits wash in the LIGHT.
Spirits can also rest, though I am not sure about sleep…

As long as we are in physical 3D bodies we do need to wash and sleep though… maybe when we don’t sleep much that is the spirit portion of us being much more active than in most people.

Hybrids also experience this on a greater level as they tend to be more conscious of Spirit… for pure humans it’s considered rare, gifted, etc…

I don’t know.

You know you make something in the spirit world and it doesn’t go away, it doesn’t age or any of that, nothing goes in and nothing comes out.

I thought it nice as well that there is no dust, that will be great, no chores! Woo hoo!

No need for food.

You build a house and it remains, you build anything and it remains, no repairs or anything like that.

No lungs, no flesh, fire takes on a new meaning, it can’t burn us as pure energy.

It sounds like heaven the more i learn of it.

Nice pans haven’t heard from you in a while

A month i think, it was really boring.

I don’t know what to do though because im still negative, so it’s either just shut my mouth or say things that i don’t want to say.

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I can understand your feeling, pans. Don’t be afraid to be negative on this site, you can say anything you want to. But I think gradually, your heart will become soft and you will look at this world from another angle and no longer angry or hate. It just takes time to find the beauty of this world.

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Say what you want to say.