Panic in the a.m?!

I have a new panic mode thats fun…it only happens at night it keeps me up. I also have a new voice that is very convincing. I was told the end of the world happened and my thoughts would shape the new world. He says the people i interact with are memories. Its stupid right now but when im in panic mode and then mr doom comes in it spirals into despair. Its fuking terrible. Has anyone else gone through this and how did you handle it. My usual tactics do not work against this crap.

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Eye went home last nite and took as much over the counter stuff that eye could 2 knock my self out, hang N there, if U have meds by all means take some, never thought eye would B glad 2 C a psychiatrist but N 2 wks, eye hope 2 get my prescription, it’s a nightmare

I feel trapped last night i played a video game for as much as i could to distract myself from myself. Ive taking my meds like im supposed to i havent done any drugs or alcohol. Idk i feel alone this is all a bad dream.