Panic attacks are torture

My panic attacks are making life difficult. I cant go to work unless I take my Ativan. I have trouble breathing when i have them. Makes me feel like im dying.

I know ive posted before about my panic attacks. I guess im hoping for some positive words from a forum member.

Life is tiring…



How many years panic attacks?

Mine been all of adult at one time they were so bad i ran away everything was setting them off. Now i tend to avoid everything anyway

There really hard to get rid of i guess


I’ve been getting them since 2014.

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How I’ve suffered in the past from them. I know how you feel. I once had an idiot Dr. tell me they weren’t really that bad because they only last 15 minutes. I’ve been in a panic for way longer than that.

Anxiety is so visceral. Is affects our whole self. It consumes us. It hurts us mentally, physically and spiritually. And if you suffer from an anxiety disorder there’s no getting over it like some people are able to do.

Panic is about as bad as anxiety gets. Your pulse speeds up, heart beats faster, mind races, breath becomes rapid, you feel compelled to run away or lash out, you totally lose control and all you know is you have to make it stop.

I had to start living a life as low stress as possible so I could reduce the triggers. It meant leaving my home town. It meant stopping work. It meant taking lots of meds. I still have a phobia that causes panic that I have to be sedated for. But I avoid that as much as possible.

Panic attacks are a terrible plight. What you are dealing with is hard.


@Leaf - Thanks for the reply. That doctor is definitely an idiot, panic attacks often last much longer than 15 minutes.

I hope you’re doing well these days.

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i get them.

from public places i found out. they are silent panic it really is. found out my heart rate goes to 220 in public. told my medical doc i got nervous in public becsuse she asked.

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@greenlight - 220?!?! Damn thats a high heart rate.

I’ve had them for 20 years. They ruined my self-esteem, confidence and mental well being.

I can’t say it becomes better. I have tried all the meds except for benzos.

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Sorry to hear you’ve had them for 20 years, thats a long time. @Speedy - I wish you all the best.

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