Panic attack in queue


When I am in queue, like today that I wanted to pay the bill of the phone, I was feeling dizzy, my heart was pounding really fast, I though I was going to die


Anyone else with panic in queues?


what does queue mean?


Line of people 15151515


Not panic, but I when I was in queue, I really hated that my body being touched by others…!!!


I have this problem in waiting rooms full of people too. I revert back to thought broadcasting and I nearly panic. I have to hold myself to the chair so I don’t get up and run away.


I often used to feel panicky before I was on Beta-blockers.


I feel for you buddy. Going outside in general is pretty tough for me. I went out to a pub today but left quick time


That’s why i pay everything online. I can’t deal with people. Groceries are the worst thing ever. I understand your feeling.


I get that way too


My heart rate spikes in a queue, because I hallucinate like mad around people talking.


Going through the ‘checklist’ in my head (so I can blend in better around others) helps me focus on something other than my anxiety level rising into critical.
Online payments (and anything else that I can do online instead of facing a real person or worse- having to call) are such a good thing for me.


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