Panic and anxiety attack

Need help! Don’t know what to do.

Have klonopin? 555

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Try squared breathing. Do you know how to do it? It helps calm you down a bit

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thanks, I took two but threw up, I feel like i want to go to emergency but I am scared

I am having people hate me but I am not saying things that are perverted or immoral, or racist. But this is what people say.

You can go. You are having a panic attack so even though it feels like something really bad is happening it’s really not. You’re ok. You’re safe. If you want to go to the ER because it will make you feel safer it’s ok to go.

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Ignore what those people are saying. You know the truth about yourself

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I can’t they put words and pictures in my head, Having people wanting to kill because of these thoughts I assume.

I’d just take another pill, but the attack should pass anyway as I’ve had one before without pills


I think it’s your illness and no one wants to kill you. You’re ok.

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