Pandemic Delusions

I was talking to my friend on the phone and she said people are saying God is punishing us, she said don’t you think this is in the Bible? Pandemic after another.

I had a major freak out as my psychosis had highly religious content and revolved around The Book of Revelations. I don’t go to church, I don’t pray, I don’t practice religion after my Jesus delusion in 2013. Religion is in the past for me. I run as fast as possible.

God isn’t punishing us, coronavirus is just some random unfortunate event. It is magical thinking to compare that to aggregate sin.

Like, religious people are getting it too.


I can’t tell her that, I told her, I don’t know, I’m only spiritual, I do yoga and meditation.


There is absolutely no god causing this. It is very sad when people believe in such things. Like @naturallycured said, it is just a random event. Anyone can get the illness, including religious people. Keep up the yoga and meditation.


I don’t think it’s a delusion. It’s a common religious belief to think such things. Especially when you think God and mother nature share a connection.


Yeah, I think @naturallycured is right about it. This is not the first pandemic to hit the world, and I’m sure people thought the same thing about the previous ones.


Keep running. I don’t think it would be rude to tell her that you’re not comfortable talking about her religious beliefs about what’s going on.


She has no clue I have SCZ, she thinks I have mild anxiety

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I felt people wanted to give me the Corona virus which I am glad hasn’t happened.

Ah I see. You don’t have to tell her why. And if that isn’t something that works for you maybe try shifting the conversation towards the non religious aspects of the pandemic. Like how more people are using technology to reconnect or even about what the toilet paper manufacturers are doing to keep up with the demand hah.

Also changing the subject may work as well.

If all else fails, you may need to distance yourself from this person. Your mental health is precious.


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