Panax Ginseng for anhedonia and or avolition

Did anyone tried with or without success Panax Ginseng for avolition and\or anhedonia? I am struggling to find pleasure in anything and I can’t. And also cannot plan anything and do it for any duration of time.

I get bored easily and disinterested.

Be careful of using panex ginseng long term as it can have a hormone type effect long term which can be dangerous. Short term, it does give a boost. I found a low dose (20-40mg) is far better than the typical dose found in health food shops (a whopping 400mg). But as I said, it’s not a long term option.

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I took a 200mg capsule because I read on the net in an article that the negative symptoms decreased in 50% of the analysed population and they used that dosage.

I read just an article, it wasn’t a study.

I took it before for about 3 to 4 days and noticed an increase in my libido. I noticed some mild restlessness but don’t know what was that cause and then stopped taking it.

But now, I can’t deal with not having pleasure with anything and nobody seems to help me. My appointment with the doctor is more than one month from now, so I am impatient and quite frustrated and angry at this, specially because I stay at home all day long due to other issues.

See if you can hang in there for a month and explain to your doc this is a big issue for you. Yes, 200mg of panex ginseng will make you restless in my experience.

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I’ll try to take it and be attentive to any changes that occur because I can’t hold on any longer this lack of pleasure and in-numerous other things. Stupid disease.

Well, use it sparingly. Less is more also.

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Will do. The pills only come in that dosage - 200mg - so I will take one each day.

I’ve heard from people that its like coffee or caffeine - it keeps you awake and gives you more energy. That might help you.

Watch out for side effects:

Also - more information. Seems like it might be worth a try:

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I would be extremely cautious, given the potential disruption of the intended and beneficial effects of your anti-psychotic medication(s), as well as potentiation of the intended effects of anti-depressants, if you are taking and anti-D.

@notmoses, would you explain more?

Loving kindness meditation (LKM) increases pleasure and the effect lasts all day. I’ve been practicing LKM for a couple of months now and it’s a great help. Here’s a research discussion:

Here’s a 10 minute guided loving kindness mediation.