PALM tree (drawing)

I used to hallucinate the lines of what I was drawing so it was more like tracing.


Bon apetitt…xD

not bad. not bad at all. could be worse for the hallucinations. could be shadows climbing off the wall. i’ve had that before.

This is how I draw too. I visualize it in my mind the strokes/lines :smiley:

Anyway cool drawing :smiley: have a nice day :sunglasses:

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That sounds terrifying. Nah the worst I had was messages being written in the fog on the shower screen from god apparently.

@MsBuddha thanks, I can’t do it now that I’m on meds. I used to be very good at lawn bowls because I could see the line in the grass and all I had to do was roll it along that line. I thought it was normal at the time, until I asked my dad and his friends about it and they couldn’t see it

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