Paliperidone and Risperidone and sleep

Found that while on both invega sustenna (paliperidone) and risperidone I would hear internal voices during my dreams. Still on invega sustenna while I wait to go on clozapine but found seroquel helps get a good restful night sleep. Only downside is you have to force yourself to get up in the morning as it’s hard to get up


I was on seroquel and didn’t sleep so good after a while of being on it. Paliperidone works better for me. However seroquel worked well for quite some time.

A lot of people have negative reviews of paliperidone and bad experiences to say of it. However what works for some doesn’t for others I hope you do better on seroquel. .

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For about a month on invega sustenna which is injectable paliperidone I felt good. Voices seem less and nicer but after that month it went back to the harshness it was before. Was in paliperidone pill form before that but didn’t do much slight improvement.

I’ll being going on clozapine soon though.

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