Paleo update and more

So this marks two months on the paleo diet for me. As of right before Thanksgiving, I’ve lost 29 pounds. I barely exercise and I don’t think about food all day anymore. I’ve got 50-60 pounds to go and I don’t plan on stopping until April 1st. I might start exercising just to give a little boost. I don’t want to become too skinny though. I am trying for a toned, normal weight.

I can’t say the diet has “changed my whole outlook”, but it’s given me some order and discipline which I need while I’m not in school.

Although I’m getting sick of fish and sweet potatoes, the payoff is pretty big. If anyone gained weight on meds and wants to lose it, I really recommend this diet

The best part IMO about the diet, is that it allows cheat meals. It gives me something to look forward to.

In other news, I am starting EMDR sometime in the next two months. I have a new therapist who is trained in Peter Levine’s work, and she says I am very traumatized and out of touch with reality.

Idk if you all knew this, but during my first hospital visit 1.5 years ago, I could barely form words into sentences, and I didn’t leave the house afterwards for a month.

But… I still feel like ■■■■ even though superficially I maybe have made progress. I can do basic things like group therapy etc. But I think this illness has taken away my soul.

to end on a positive note… my prophetic delusions are gone. Completely.




How’s everybody been? What’s going on in your lives???


Nice work on losing 29lb! :sunglasses:

I’ve just taken a break from the diet that I’ve been on for 3 weeks also. Lost some weight but unsure how much bc my scale doesn’t work. I can fit into some clothes I wasn’t able to before though! :smile:

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I have a dresser full of clothes that I wore when I was playing basketball in high school. Can’t wait to wear them…


Awesome bro! Keep up the diet and before long you’ll fit in them again!


My next cheat meal


Way to go @Bluey so proud of you!!! Keep going!

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Way to go bluey :blue_heart: I wish I had your discipline.

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Now that is call commitment to success! :thumbsup: :purple_heart: :purple_heart:

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i thought you cant eat spaghetti in paleo


It’s a cheat meal. Anything my heart desires, once a week.

I had to google what a paleo diet was. Sounds legit, we did evolve to eat those things. It seems more like a healthy lifestyle diet than a weight loss diet. Is that true? You still have to watch your caloric intake do you not?

Yes, it’s more of a healthy lifestyle than a specific weight loss diet… I don’t count calories and it’s working for me.

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They have some good videos on YouTube about the diet.

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That’s awesome! I could never do the paleo diet. I workout too much and don’t need to lose weight. I also get cold and cranky when I’m hungry, which is every four hours sometimes longer if I eat a cheat meal. I do eat a diet but sometimes I eat crap for lunch. Some weekends I eat hot wings.

I have pretty bad gastric reflux, I’m scheduled for an endoscopy and on 40mg of Nexium. That makes me eat the same bland food for breakfast and dinner. I used to lift really heavy, I ate so much crap as long as it had protein in it. My parents thought I was bulimic, and my docs thought I was on steroids. I really did just lift incredibly intensely.

Now I am about 15 lbs lighter and technically very overweight but not obese anymore. I have a 32 in waist size. The BMI is a lie. I’m just muscular. I even run and box. Supposedly my BMI on paper is 28, but I can tell that I am not nearly one third body fat.

Dude keep it up. I chew gum, sugar free trident or orbit is the way to go. I also eat pickles when I am feeling cravings.

Don’t forget before and after pictures to make it an achievement you can put on your dresser and look at every day! When I was bodybuilding I took before and afters of cycles. Pretty fun to look back on.


Glad this is working out for you. Keep it up! I actually gained a little weight but I’m exercising more so I’ll be losing it quickly.

I’m also glad the prophetic delusions are gone, such a relief!! Hope you do well with your new therapist. I’m starting therapy in January.

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I heard BMI isn’t reliable. I never thought it was really.

Hah! Funny stuff

Well guys, I weighed in at the doctor’s today and I’m back to my pre-Thanksgiving weight. That stuffing was so good, but it really is as the name suggests: stuffing.