Pajama Day, But Why Are They All Weird

Why do they mostly print pajamas with weird stuff. why would I want that???



LOL Because if you buy the hip, guitar pajamas you can be just like this guy in the picture and run fast!!



But I want to sleep, not run :sob::sleeping:

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@Montezuma I want to tell you,
that for people with knee problems it is better to use other forms of exercise and not running.

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I understand @Chess24.

I was just making a silly joke. I found the pic Mountainman posted funny for many reasons.

I don’t run much myself. I used to a lot when I was in the military, but I prefer walking to get in shape now.

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I have a pair of owl footie pajamas, that have the owl’s face on a hood. I also have sock monkey ones. I love footie pajamas!!!


I love footie pajamas too!

Even if they’re not super sensible sleepwear for my climate,

I’ll suffer just for novelty and fun of it all.

Sadly, my footie pajamas are missing in the move, or possibly thrown away by “accident”.

Not saying my husband tossed them out,

But they were my depressed day clothing of choice.

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