Painting the great unclean one from warhammer

My latest build and paint. The great unclean one.


Looks like me…


I bet some people would have been really into that.

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Great work. Looks really good!

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There is a Warhammer MMORPG planned to be released by 2020 if not sooner. Unfortunately, it will be a mobile game. Who knows if they do a good job, it could be a great game. My experience with phone mmorpgs has not been that great though.

Also, very nice work! I just thought I’d share because you seem to have really gotten into the Warhammer universe! It is pretty neat.


We had a Games Workshop in the mall a few decades ago, I really wanted to get into this stuff but it was kind of beyond my budget at the time. I spent what little disposable income I had on video/computer games.

He looks like some sort of flesh Golem.

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