Painting for my wife's friend

This one still in the works. Started it before the hospital, hoping to finish it now, hope everyone likes it


A ‘goth Cinderella’ theme?

Nice work! :sunny:

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@Patrick thanx! Glad you like it, connie’s friend has a huge collection of high heels and platform shoes so I thought she would appreciate it

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This is really beautiful. It must have felt a bit therapeutic to paint.

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She likes shoes! It’s a very nice painting with a good feeling to it. I was attracted right away by the lovely colors! Nice job :blush:

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@anon84763962, yes, creating art has always been the best way for me to deal with this life, still working on this painting. Thank you for the compliment, glad you like it, I hope connie’s friend will also like it when it is complete

@Hedgehog, thank you! Always good to get feedback, trying to remain positive and keep the darkness removed