Painkillers and hallucinations


Ok so I had to take a Percocet earlier and I think it’s maybe making me hallucinate more than usual. Cause I keep hearing like radio static and like chatter. And I keep seeing things out of the corner of my eyes and I keep seeing this like cat randomly for like 2 seconds before it disappears. Also now I’m hearing a guitar it’s pretty chill though.

But anyways my question is do painkillers make symptoms act up? does anyone know?


Stress increases symptoms. It really does. Other things not so much so.


I had a relapse twice in response to medication (antibiotics and antibiotics + painkiller) and also in response to psych med (eg antidepressant) withdrawal.

So yes, meds can give psychotic responses. I never personally had this with only painkillers though. So that I dont know about, sorry!


Never had it worsen from painkillers, but oxycodone is stronger than the stuff they usually prescribe here I think.

Sometimes had minor hallucinations like faint muttering and things out of the corner of my eye when I was taking H though so it’s possible - but I don’t know if that was necessarily the cause