Painful tactile hallucinations

I worry the day when I will no longer be able to afford my meds and have to go without I think I can stand the voices and delusions but the tactile hallucinations are pretty painful I remember last time I was off meds a spirit stuck a sword up my butt and I felt it too it hurt so bad I went to the emergency room and ended up in the psych ward again does anyone else get painful tactile hallucinations?

I experienced similar, very rarely.

In my case it is more likely that pain came first and hallucinations follow as if to explain the pain. Like ear or eye pain had associated hallucinations. Teeth pain didn’t, probably because it was too damn magnificent for brain to bother with showing me cartoons.

Sometimes I had excruciating head aches that were accompanied with severe delusions. Actually when I mention it, I notice that since delusions and hallucinations lessened headaches disappeared too.

I also had spirits controlling my body in limited capacity or preventing me from sharing certain information with anyone by controling my mouth… Not sure if its related but it is bodily.

+++ My head starts to hurt! As if spirits want to prove themselves real. Its subtle though, so definitely a hallucination.

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