Pain disorder, any suggestion?

my symptoms are severe pain in face, head and body, burning eyes and blinking, delusions of grandeur and ambivalence, no hallucinations, my main complaint is pain, med(risperidone) kills my symptoms but i’m sick of it’s side effects, i don’t perceive myself as myself and have no motivation at all and am afraided of things while was a courageous man so i decided to stop taking meds, i can live with my symptoms except pain while pain killers have no effect on it, any suggestion?

a lot of pain can b caused by stress. i get a lot of migraines, usually two weeks out of every month i am compromised by them. u might like to try some muscle relaxants and definitely an eye test as u may need glasses. xxx

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thank you jaynebeal, i have glasses now but about muscle relaxant, can you introduce me some? wish you better days and ready for any help.

I used to have sensations in my head that Risperidone helped stop. I am on it now. I understand about the fear. I also have a problem with guilt, but my symptoms are (mostly) gone due to my meds.

Is your fear and guilt have some roots in reality and what are your symptoms and what is the dose of resperidone you take?

I have symptoms like that, but if the meds are causing you side effects then don’t take them, life without meds is soo much easier, when did grandeur delosion bacame a problem!

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Yes, the guilt has root in reality. It is usually related to me not visiting my dad and younger siblings enough. The fear is sometimes stuck on a theme, like meeting my future husband when I don’t feel ready.

maybe try getting a massage, it is very good for pain.

I always was confident on myself but after having an experience of seeing what I call god( a too intense light with an unbearable happiness caused me to cry) I started to read mystic books and I thought I’m a special person who knows everything and is undefeatable, my severe pain made it worse cause I thought I’m in a battle with evil and … but now I know that all of them were delusions, what made your grandeur delusion?

you can defeat the sense of guilt by talking to them more by phone and is a real thing but meanwhile you can make yourself strong by promising yourself to be supportive for them anytime they need you but about your fear I think it is unreal, I think you want to be perfect for everyone but are forgetting yourself, this is what which makes you a nice person but meanwhile tortures you, if you want lets talk more about these things, do your meds makes you feel better?

I talked about this in the forum, here is the link :

I have had the mystical experiences as well, I’m not sure if this is the reason of my grandoise delusion, I hardly think of it as a delusion ! it’s that the experience on the internet is always mentioned as a grandiose delusion, not as an experience of a different reality which gives you the privilege to obtain a different consciousness !!!.. Hey I think you know that it’s much better than sex :wink: sex can’t bring you into tears and it never lasts as long as the experience it self !

I read your story, it’s completely similar to my experience but i had this experience only for about 15 minutes when i was 20 years old although before that i was always been in an elevated mood and was seeing things very beautiful and out of time, what made me sick was not this experience but trying to repeat this experience, i started to understand what is this experience and i found such things in mystical books of friends of god and then started to do all crazy things to repeat this experience, after that severe pain and delusions of evil and fighting with him started and my life became hell, that mild experience is not bad but this severe one makes you totally confused and takes years to solve it for yourself, i described my experience for others like this: at a moment of disappointment, i filled the universe then the space teared and i saw god which is the love or extreme happiness, all of materials around me was alive and full of joy and happiness and i was crying from happiness, god told me without voice that go and tell others that i’m love, and this one command ruined my life for 10 years, now i’m 30. before that experience i was obsessed by science and after that by religions and mystical books. now i try to feel the world like a child to break that sense of grandiose.

aliali you can achieve this experience again and I don’t think you should read about those mystical books you did to get that experience back, the mystical experience is a very high consciousness state of mind, don’t get delusional by thinking of things you wish for your self during this experience it or you would lose the truth of that moment, some people get the delusion of being a god or a prophet, just let the moment take you to the beauty of it, let your self into it.
There are several methods that can take you back to experience that beautiful feeling again, in my situation it can be obtained through music, meditation, preying, …etc

in a recent reading I found this on a website:
[ Some mystical experiences, which are in the minority, occur spontaneously. They usually occur when the person is alone and in a relaxed mental state. Many things can produce mystical experiences such as dreams, words, phrases, music, art, sounds, smells, daydreaming, the play of light upon land and sea, nature, or a near-death experience (NDE).

Other techniques including hypnosis, autohypnosis, floatation tanks and sensory deprivation, sleep deprivation, fasting, chanting, dancing, breath control, sexual rites, yoga, and meditation are used to produce mystical experiences. Most are caused for spiritual and/or religious reasons. Various cultures, religions and sects have their own similar and diverse reasons for wanting to attain mystical experiences. ]
Good luck.

How often do you experience that state and when did the symptoms of illness begin? I don’t want to repeat that experience anymore cause by doing so I made myself sick, I want to live with a clear mind as before the experience and I think I can do it, do you have pain or burning as I had? let’s talk about these more, take care

I have sent you my response on a private message, I hope it’s okay.
here is a link about a case of a man who had frequent and very strong “Mystical Experiences”, it might help you a little (simply move to 2:10, he’s the second case in this video) :

Yes. I feel more comfortable around my family now.

I like the conversation that is happening here, about mystical/spiritual experiences. But here is some left brain stuff that my doctor tells me: bad symptoms? = new meds. Pain? Exercise. Both work very well I can’t explain how much pain went away including migranes with exercise each day. Whether I’m on meds or not exercise is key! Good luck :slight_smile:

Can one hallucinate the sensation of pain?

I don’t really know but if you can hallucinate any other feeling then why not pain. I guess it could be a tactile hallucination. Depression can be felt as physical pain. There are no physical reasons for it yet it is felt.


Some tactile hallucinations are very painful.

I’ve some tactile hallucinations that are actually very nice, but I have a few that I call the “voodoo pin stab”.

Just out of nowhere… BANG! and stabbed… it feels like I have just been stabbed with a very large pin but there is no pin in me.

It passes soon enough in a minute or so, but wow, it sure hurts when it hits.