Pain and suicide

I can see why pain can drive people to suicide. Managed about 2 hours before waking with a very sore foot. Hoping against hope that the painkillers will blunt the soreness. I’m not blind to the fact a lack of sleep is probably doing a number on my mental and physical health.

Oh man, wishing you well @firemonkey.

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Thanks @Wave . I’d hoped the chiropody foot cushions my stepdaughter had suggested I get would work. It worked for about half a day.Soreness not gone, but definitely eased.

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I’m glad your pain has eased some.

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I’m sorry you’re in so much pain :frowning: I hope it eases soon

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It’s not something weird like gout? Have a look online. Went through some serious pain before I figured that one out. Pills make it a non issue.

Wishing you well!

Gout has been suggested, but my toes don’t hurt.The soreness on my right sole although hard to handle is less worrying than the sleep issue it’s causing .

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It’s not the toe. Do a search. For me it was down from toe and through the foot. It could be gout and it’s painful as heck. They say it’s big toe but it’s not…it’s back a bit into the foot…Check the online stuff…

Pain is awful. I hurt my knee. I hope you get better soon. Would soaking your foot in hot water with Epsom salt help? Just an idea

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That helps a bit.

More on uric acid and sz.

My stepdaughter who has worked with many disabled and elderly people says it’s hard skin not gout . She doesn’t think stronger painkillers would be a good idea. They can make you very woozy, and my balance, which has never been good, has been even worse lately.

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