Padded cell in hospital

were you ever put in one?


Not padded, but the had me restrained to the bed

I was reatrained to bed too, its like a stray jacket can’t move

I was placed in the quiet room once.

Also was strapped to the bed once.

I was strapped to a bed. Also i was locked in dirty, horrible quiet rooms many times. Mostly for stupid reasons, when i didnt do anything harmful. They thought i would get calm there, but it freaked me out. It was harmful. It should be a last resort thing, really, not to be used when someone is praying quietly in a corner and not hurting a fly. A fellow patient actually stood up for me once, saying they should leave me alone, let me be, because i didnt hurt anyone and they were hurting me.


Cuffed and injected upon entry to my first visit, then strapped and injected the 2 or 3 times I tried to escape.

never, i think thats cruel.


I’ve been tied to a bed before. I laid there and bellowed, "Help! I want to talk to an attorney for thirty-six hours. It drove them crazy.

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No. I have been drugged up with something that I can’t remember a whole day. I’m not sure if I slept for that long or what.

i was strapped down so they could transport me to the state psych ward… then i was put in solitary, that i think was padded.

I was never in seclusion room but I was sedated a lot so I wouldn’t cut myself

I was on a room with padded walls. The floor wasn’t padded, but there was a pad for me to sleep on. It was miserable. I’m physically disabled and had a really really hard time getting up off the floor. It was awful and they refused to come in and help me.

I was in a tiny seclusion room that stank of poo , urine and vomit.

Five people held me down in there and injected me and then left.

When they held me down I couldn’t breath and was so scared.
THey twisted my arm etc and I was laying on my stomach.

It was not padded and there was nothing soft in there but only hard surfaces.

Last hospital stay had a better seclusion room that was bigger and had a warm cozy lighting and a soft mattress but I was still scared and begged them to let me go to a normal room and not be locked in there.
They were nice to me and let me go to a normal room.
I was really scared.

I don’t recall the “quiet rooms” I patronized being padded. I did get to wear a straitjacket a couple of times when they sat me in a well padded chair in the quiet room or I was restrained to a bed. Not enjoyable.

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