Pack of cards


my therapist didn’t start the trauma cbt as she thinks my mind which is a pack of cards will fall to pieces…
she wants me to put in place a way of thinking, a safety net.
but the pack of cards fell apart a long time ago, fell into a shredder, then ignited into a ball of flames…
there is nothing left…but hope.
maybe next session she will start !
take care


CBT can be very intense and emotional at first. It definitely was for me. And my therapist prepared me for a year before he would even start the CBT.

Maybe your therapist is trying to do the same thing–prepare you, so that you can handle the intensity. And therefore not drop out when things get tough.

I do hope you make it into the therapy. It’s highly effective and really turned my life around.




i am glad it really helped you.
thanks for the insight, i didn’t realize why there was so much hesitation.
when things were tough for you, what did you do to help cope ? any tips?
take care


When things started getting tough for me, I would tell my therapist immediately that I wasn’t comfortable. He would then immediately back off and discuss some easy-going and more positive topics, liked friendships or my dog.

There were also sometimes that I had to cancel a session (with ample notice, of course), and just use that time to meditate, relax, or do something fun.

You will learn your limits early on with CBT. And communicating them to your therapist is essential. A good therapist knows when to modify his or her approach to keep you adhering to the therapy.




The beginning of my CBT was also hard. Facing all that stuff I was burying. My therapist was so afraid I’d slip in to a suicidal depression. So we went really slow and as much time as we spent on the CBT, we seem to spend almost double on light, almost ego boosting stuff.

As a way to cope, my sis would help me set up stuff that cheered me up before I left so when I got home fun and cheery stuff greeted me at the door. Also it was a rule of the family’s not to ask about the session. If I wanted to bring it up fine, but my therapist encouraged me not to go home and dwell on this.

She had a very… what comes up during the CBT should say here. Try not to carry it around with you.



thanks radmedtech i really respect you , thanks for the info .
take care


thanks SurprisedJ, thanks for your support and honesty will take it all on board.
take care