Owe to a Lab Rat Friend

I meet him ,why doing a research study back 30 years ago, a heavyset military man that smoked two ciggs at one time, with jokes easy to remember, the impatient study in Wichita ks was long and we got to know each other well, after that one we talked by phone weekly , the next study came up and we dove in this one 90 days, the next after that was 60 days , but we keep up. laid off two years and then did cognitive impairment studies. for two. then him and I retired from them. since then we work on are family and cooking skills, both of us were divorcees. meeting once a year. we keep up by phone, and talked daily. this was tell he did call me back after 7 days of trying. I did a well check on him. the officer call me back, and told me they had a call 6 days to his address, he had past away in his sleep.


■■■■. Condolences.

I’m sorry Zen.
My condolences

Sorry for your loss @DrZen.

I’m sorry Dr Zen. It sounds like you and your friend were very close.


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