Overwhelmed by everything here and in life

I feel like I missed the last bus into town and I’m stuck walking in the woods.
Is this how each generation feels as the slip into the lost reality of simplicity?
I thought new technology was supposed to make life easier, more simple?
Seems there is something new to learn before I can master what I already have.
Was tickled to finally learn my TV remote this year.

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Technology is an interesting knife. I’ve seen kids who grew up with automatic doors to the point where if they face a manual door, they are stumped for a moment. Using your arm to physically open the door is a weird thing for them.
We’re so smart now, we’re dumbing ourselves down.

I have to take technology with a grain of salt.


My emotions are running wild and I’m in pain. My feelings hurt for any reason I don’t know. I get this way I feel like termites are eating away at this home while inside maggots are eating away my heart. God it hurts so much. I want to talk and talk and talk about anything just ramble I want to run I want to scream. I want to rip the walls off the wood frames. God, I need to be held.

I’m not very tech savy, I’m like an old person. Only a year ago I finally got my first cell phone. My brothers say I should get a smart phone like it’s the greatest thing to ever happen to man, but I’m not interested. I live a crude life and I think I like it that way.


i don’t understand ipods, ipads or anything starting with ’ i '.
we have a mobile phone that costs us $2.85 a month, we never use it.
as for the t.v and video they confuse me , but i can work it , just.
my nieces came to see us and they were looking around for the t.v, then found it in the t.v cabinet, which they have never seen before !?.
they said "ooooohhhhhh… look how tiny that is, isn’t that cute ! ".
their t.v in there place takes up most of the lounge room ! …mmmmmmmmm…classy…!
take care

hey hiding,
so sorry you are feeling like this , you are not alone i know how it feels…
know that i care.
take care

You run technology or else it will run you. Don’t be from the stone age, so many stoned aged humans with their own political views. Why resist to continue to evolve? I’m glad I got a smartphone. It makes me feel like those pre paid phones are inferior. Your being looked down upon if your old school. Reality is almost every body has monetary limits, and if you can’t buy the expensive stuff you stick to the bargain stuff. Which is great. But this is why we feel overwhelmed. If your kids know more about it than you, then you need to savvy up a bit. Just my perspective have a great day thanks

I can’t afford a smart phone. It’s all I can do to afford my car and the gym.

I’m sorry you are feeling this way hiding. Have you talked to your pdoc about how you are feeling?

Thanks BarbieBF and Darksith. It’s part of the illness. I have days like that. Sometimes for just an hour sometimes all day. I’m grateful that today I feel better. No voices attacking. What’s funny is I always forget they are not real. I think I want them to be real so much that I believe they are. I think they are spirits and friends, instead of my brain. They started up real mean after therapy.

Hi I’ glad to see you I remember your posting from quite a while back.