Overrated rappers!

This song was part of my psychosis. It has emotional memories attached to it. It is maybe the only Drake song that I like…

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j cole.
tries too hard to be “woke”

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I’m trying to ween myself off of rap! But I grew up listening to rap and rock and country

I thought that album forest hills drive as a great album

Yea I like that new Dua Lipa song it has a really cool beat to it… It is called we’re good. Um I don’t think she is rap though :grimacing:

J dillla beats are overrated! The only thing I liked from him was some songs on pharcydes album

I’m trying but maybe since last I thought about it the lines of categories blurred a little. I need a lesson on what is rap and what is hip hop…

I like puff daddy I liked Biggie Smalls

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3rd bass is underrated pretty good for some white guys mf doom rapped with them as a member of kmd

Biggies songs are overrated but he was a good rapper. I just think they play them too much on the radio

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De la soul we’re legit

Oh yeah I liked Tupac’s ‘changes’. ‘

‘My stomach hurts so I’m looking for a purse to snatch; even worse I’m black.’

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50 cent was so dope before Eminem signed him. Love power of a dollar and the other one he made he had a great smooth flow. I hated commercial 50

I can’t stand rage against the machine technically the dude is rapping but it’s corny

Cardi b is a foxy brown clone with worse lyrics

Mob deep suck too imo

Is Moby rap? I liked the song we are all made of stars.

I liked moby song south side

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Anything dj Khaled touches is wack imo

Cardi B. Witch has gang ties.

Tupac. What the actual duck was he talking about?

XXXtencion or however he spells it. Talentless hack who got popular because he was murdered.

6ix9ine or whatever. Dude needs a psych eval.

Eminem in the past 15 or so years. It’s like the dude was replaced by a similar looking alien. Did a 180.

Love 90s Wu Tang though. Gotta say something positive here. The beats and lyrics are unparalleled IMO.

Yea I love the wh tang albums and the solo albums are great too

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