Overeating on meds?

Anyone have this problem? Feel like i’m constantly snacking throughout the day, it’s starting to annoy me.


I was like that on Abilify, Geodon, and Invega. Not anymore on Trilafon now.

I’m weird - I lost over 130 pounds while on Zyprexa, but I gained large amounts on two supposedly weight neutral meds.


I think I eat a bit more bc of instant coffee
After each within an hour I’m hungry, but it’s managable…

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On Zyprexa alone I could manage what I ate, in fact, I lost 20kg dieting on 20mg, but on Abilify and Zyprexa together it is very difficult. I try to keep myself busy and it really helps.

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I really over ate on Geodon and Latuda both. Both required that I take them with meals and it precipitated me eating constantly. I did well on perphenazine and Zyrexa.

…I ate a whole 12-pack of King’s Hawaiian Rolls between yesterday and this morning :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:.

In my defense, they’re pretty small and 90 calories each.

…But it does add up, and I seriously need to cool it :sweat_smile:.


I have done that too. King’s Hawaiian taste so good, you just keep going and tell yourself you’ll make it up later.

I don’t usually buy them because I have no self control. But two weeks ago I ate a whole dozen butter pan dinner rolls within 12 hours. Yikes.

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I am always hungry

I wouldn’t worry too much about it. My son eats an enormous amount of food & is a normal weight. Take care & find someone to encourage you. Someone who will show you unconditional support through your tough times.

I over eat constantly. Yesterday I had a whole giant bag of totinos pizza rolls. I am definitely going to mention this to my psychiatrist before it gets problematic.

I’ve given up on the weight issue. I realized at some point that everything I was eating was diet food yet I was still gaining weight.

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I’m really struggling even with Ozempic
Im starting a new weight loss drug tomorrow and I’ll see how it goes.
The new drug is called Mounjaro, it’s another diabetes drug that helps with weight loss

Today I caved in and had a big bowl of cheerios with sugar

Im disgusted with myself

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I must ask you all to keep quiet about talking about weight or over eating when you go to the
Mental hospital or sit in the club house. Because the people who are effected by that problem
Are very fragile and this situation has been forced upon them by powerfull psychotropics. So please avoid this subject
When ever you can