Overcoming semantic memory impairment

Is there anyone here who is diagnosed with schizophrenia and suffered from a severe semantic memory impairment (Semantic memory refers to general world Knowledge that we have accumulated throughout our lives) that managed to overcome it?

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I’ve noticed SMI more commonly in myself now. I found increased repetition is one technique that helps me recall. Another less intuitive but surprisingly effective method is to not get stressed while trying to recall and just be aware vaguely of what im trying to recall without desperately searching for it in my head. Then, a lot of times, the info pops into my head while im waiting calmly…

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thank you, i agree, and generally speaking an obsessive engagment in one’s disabeling limitations can only cause more harm than good, and that is the mainthing.
in the past i found some articles with information on how to improve semantic encoding, but i haven’t tried it yet because it seems like hard work. it’s on google. i don’t remember where i found it, but look for ways to improve semantic memory if you wish.

this is my seconed psychotic brake, and i know that with some hard rehabilitation i was able to get better after my first brake.

i have a problem with cumulative SM (knowledge that i have accumilated prior to my seconed psychotic attack), and i have difficulties to remember new accumilated information, but to a lesser degree.
it’s also like i don’t have a mental notepad.

i found that repetition helps me as well, but whats bother me the most is not being able to remember concepts that involves emotions (the way you feel regarding stuff, like the way you feel towards meaningful stuff, like birth/death/marrige/dogs etc’). occasionally i can remember a feeling, but it doesn’t last and i forget it. it makes it very hard to participate life this way.

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I dont really do much in my life when I’m not working on my art. Just watching movies or reading books. Loss of memory there can actually be seen aws positive because after I’ve read/seen something, I can leave it for a few months and when I come back to it then, I cannot recall anything about it so its like a brand new experience all over again…instead of old fodder. :grin:

lol, right. it’s a best seller movie every day for me as well…

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also -

I do use SI when learning new stuff like meanings in languages but I have found it can be tricky sometimes when trying to create the connecting reference

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I feel the same way. I have awful memory of books and even movies. I always need a refresher

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I totally agree about self imagination. It’s problematic to relate everything to yourself but it’s some how effective. Maybe it’s ok when keeping in mind the problematic virtues. Can you elaborate on what seems problematic when making a connection reference?

Just that sometimes its hard to find an imaginary reference that can be a valid match to the data I want to refer. I mostly use rhymes, acronyms and visual imagery to help me remember. I may not always be able to find valid examples of those for what I am trying to remember when I want to. I was recently trying to learn a new alphabet by matching the shape of the letter to a sound starting with an image ref that matched the image. Like if the letter La looked like a ‘lame person’ or ‘lake’…didnt always find a image to match the sound.

I found a lot of stuff online. This isn’t medical just ideas…

Early night slow wave sleep is important for the formation of semantic memory.

I think, clozapine, olanzapine, risperidone or ziprasidone improve sws among atypical antipsychotics.

I read in one thing that early night slow wave sleep is important for the formation of semantic memory.

This anticonvulsant tiagabine seems to also enhance sleep at low doses of 4mg to 8mg according to stuff like this.

https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/16260179, https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/18840034, https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/18840034

Mostly just talk to your doctor and ask about stuff like that.

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I didn’t ment that but I just realized that we are talking about different memory impairments.
Nonetheless it’s a good idea what you said. There are many learning techniques I’m gonna look into that. Off topic kinda, I just remembered that a few years ago I encountered an app that utilities a unique technique to learn a language - by using porn voice. Horrible but its very effective some how.

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Alejandro, What is sws?

i think sws is slow wave sleep.

Your porn voice app sounds hilarious not horrible! :laughing: How did it work?

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