Overcame my panic and anxiety through therapy

At one time I couldn’t get out of the house without my mother going with me, scared of all public places…rocked back and forth in my chair and had no hope…I started therapy and learned that you have to “ignore the triggers” of fear associated with anxiety and panic attacks…it took a long time but I finally mastered it…it just takes a lot of practice…now I am not agoraphobic anymore and can go to social meetings…my friend is so down right now with anxiety and self medicates with alcohol to get over his anxiety…hangovers the next day make his anxiety worse so he starts drinking again…sad…good luck.


I don’t believe in therapy. I think it’s a time and $ sink.

But I’m glad it worked for you.

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i got my therapy from my non profit clinic…didn’t cost me anything…I am sorry it costs money for you.

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I wouldn’t even do it because the time sink.

Maybe I would do it online? Who knows…


In the past it helped with low mood and negative thinking etc but it wront help me now

I rock back and forth in chairs too especially when stressed. Been doing it since I was young.

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Therapy helps me to stay on track. I have to go weekly for my therapist. We click pretty well. Sometimes she isn’t helpful but sometimes she is. I’m trying harder lately with therapy. I always thought it was a waste of time but I do like my current therapist.

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