Over the course of a year, about three-quarters of patients prescribed psychotropic medication will discontinue

Costs associated with unplanned discontinuation may be substantial if left uncorrected. Partial non-adherence (much more common than full discontinuation) can also be detrimental, although some patients rationally adjust their medication regimen without ill-effect.

  • I will follow the docs advice with all my meds
  • I might do partial non-adherence without telling the doc
  • I might quit my meds fully cold turkey without telling anyone

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Thank you for being a top 25 percenter.


I’ve been taking my meds every single day since my diagnosis for over six years now. It’s so worth it


I trust my psychiatrist and he trusts me. I am totally compliant with my medication. It has taken a while to get my meds to the right balance. I don’t have many side-effects and I so, I take the meds as prescribed for me.


I got in trouble off medication. Now I get injections.

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i dunno maybe someone can help me…i cant seem to stand meds for some reason. I just get this like torturous feeling like i cant move or do anything when im on meds…i cant explain it its like mental torture…maybe im taking the wrong meds. only tried two paliperidone and abilify

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Most people agree with you with rates that the meds are discontinued. Love the Clozapine. Probably will be on it for many more years. I feel very comfortable. Some meds make my conscience go into overdrive and make me very sensitive. Just gota find what works for you.

Every single year I had a 75% of stopping my meds? I’ve been compliant with meds for like fifteen years.

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Okay well I did miss some doses on purpose when I was delusional. It was always the AP. That was only for a couple years.

I read the family forum and it’s got a lot of sad stuff on it, in large part from people stopping their meds.


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