Over protective parents ? Anyone

I remember my child hood was always like no no no, dont do that, have to be home before 6PM, even it was the same in college, never got an exposure to the world out side. Now after this condition I fear to go out.

Once I remember in a train, a person who was a religious guy and he was selling few books, and asked my dad can I get that one, he said no, then that guy said a sentence and left that impacted me very much. You have over protective parents.
What are your views on this?


Idk it depends on how old you were?

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Not for me.
I would like and had minimal protection.
Need my privacy and open mindedness to change.
Kids grow up and have to be adults.

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The train incident I was about 14 years, That to it was different religious book with all different amazing looking characters. Sill today I wonder if that guy should have not said anything and moved or he put a seed in my mind. But it should have been me who watered the seed to grow till today.


My parents were religious and over protective.

But I went to college four hours away from them,

So I was totally wild and shook off all that sheltered child feeling.


Even now when I search for job my parents says look for the ones near home, the worst thing is even my doc said not to stay alone.

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True @Kxev Yes have to be an adult, I was wondering there is something really missing in me to act mature or be mature, metamorphosis gone wrong with me.

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Well - most likely you need assistance now after SZ right?

Are you just regretting not having a period of independence.

Now I am very dependent on my spouse.

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I have my independence, but have lost all interests or have no interest or not aware what are out there in the world, that to these commentary voice, when I do new things, let me run back home to safety.

Oh yeah i was sheltered but very rebelious in my teens and twenties lol


I was discouraged from having friends or talking to people outside the home because it was an abusive home. They didn’t want anything let slip.

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I just have a feeling,
now what ever one says it will relate to an experience of mine,
only way out is inside out and be stubborn on behaviours and actions even if its wrong.

Wrong like not wrong doing but mistakes.
My parents always spread fear in anything I do,
be careful in so and so do it like this,
but as a infant If I had to walk had to fall multiple times, to stand up,
so when will I learn with experience if I dont go out to the public,
when will I learn.

I think I am making all the things up in my mind.

Yeah, but it didn’t dawn on me until I was 19. So I tried to make up for it and go in bad bars and clubs and bad parts of town and hang out with hookers. Didn’t work. As a kid I pretty much stayed on my own street with my friends. Once some of us started getting cars I got around more. I’m not streetwise at all though. When I was a drug addict I had to have my crack so I was always going to this really dangerous town to score. It was especially bad for whites and back in the 80’s it had the highest murder rate of any city in California. It’s just dumb luck that I didn’t get hurt worse than I did or killed.


Uhmmmm…yes and no? Underprotective and overprotective?

When I was 16-17, my parents spent a lot of energy forcing me to drink my daily milk, be home an hour earlier from a female friend or wearing different shoes because they found mine ugly.

At the exact same time they would force me, against my clearly expressed will, to sleep in a bed with my brandnew boyfriend (lost virginity unwanted). And happily waved me goodbye every weekend to sleep in his home full of studentboys, hardcore porn, alcohol, dealers and harddrugs. Which i told them he sometimes gave to me. I saw this, ignorantly, as freedom.

At 35 I said something like: okay, i was utterly stupid myself. But I was also a naive teen living at home. Why on earth did you nag me daily about millk and shoes? Instead of, say, have a real good talk about not dating psychopaths and using harddrugs? At least once? Both responded along the lines of: all of that didn’t happen. Okay, maybe it did. But what did we have to do with that? It was not for us to warn you? (Who then?!).

I can now almost…smile about it? It was absolutely not for lack of love. They did their very very best. But they just really, truly, didn’t get it. (Nor did I at that time).


Yes there would be something in the background.

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not when i was young. they were excelent parents. had a great time as a young kid. wonderful. then in my teens i rebelled a bit and had my freedoms. they were pretty laize fair as long as pot smoke wasn’t coming up into the laundry room. then i moved out at 20. moved back at 21 and applied for disability. had my privacy. but in their old age now in their 70’s they are strict. my father won’t let me drink. i have gaurdians now. them. i struggle to be myself around them. never saw much of the real world anyway. we’re sort of upper middle class and i struggled with people who showed attitudes different than mine. i’m pretty accepting but everyone at home is so quiet that it can be shocking to be hit with most peoples reality. all i know is being in programs for mental illness and i’m almost 40. yes they are overprotective of me. that and they are constantly observing me for symptoms.

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I don’t know. I had a weird relationship with my parents. On the one hand, I had strict curfews and they didn’t like me hanging out with the trailer park kids. On the other hand, they were always pushing me to go to parties and events and things.

So, average, I guess?

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I am very close to being an overprotective parent but I dialed it back just enough to be enjoyable.

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My parents were normal.
Not religious, they never forced me
to believe in certain gods or in politics,
to vote what they like.
In that aspect, I was lucky.


I was lucky that way too.

My parents were atheist.

I got in trouble for praying once.

Now I pray sometimes but I’m not a member of any religion.

My mum believes in a higher consciousness but is not religious and my dad leans towards Buddhism and believes in reincarnation.

I’m spiritual.
I listen to Louise hay.
I found a pretty perfect guy named jun who is spiritual.
But I can’t afford to join his lifelong group on Facebook.
It’s over $2000 usd.
I don’t have that type of money.
Thankfully I got to watch some of his master classes.
He had a boyfriend so not sure if he is gay or bi.
He is a vegan.
I so so so want to be in his group.

I believe some of my family are nazis.
Some are definitely racist.
Some are stuck up socialites.
Love them unconditionally.