Outward voices


so my inner voices tell me that i will soon be hearing outward voices and experiencing tactile beatings, rapes etc’, if i go to the police about the abuse of myself and my children or maybe even before. all i can say to that is…i’ve already spoken to my shrink and she said it would be a unique case if my inner voices were able to both threaten and carry out an attack of outer voices and or tactile hallucinations. all i can say is, if i do start to hear outward voices, they will all be female as you cannot create an out of body male personality from a female. inner voices can be either male or female, outer voices have to be gender specific to the person that’s hearing them. so at least i have my shrink on my side if anything does happen. my abusers want me diagnosed as a schiz so that no one believes a word i say. hence the voices and experiment with outer voices and tactiles. hasn’t happened yet but we’ll see what happens in the future i guess. wish me luck folks.


I wish you luck.I also do have male outward voices actually most of my voices are male and I’m a female.


For a long time my voices threatened to start audio. It was a lingering fear from when I first went psychotic and there seemed to be a progressive development. First telepathy to get my mind used to additional processing, then auditory hallucinations until I was able to separate out the sounds, the visual hallucinations would then start. This progression would continue until I was completely submersed in a duality of worlds. What was real and concrete and then what was telepathically created by the humans on this planet. None of that has come to pass. I think you can rest easy knowing the limitations of your voices power.


I feel so bad for you. I wish I could help. It’s all such a bunch of self hate and I am very familiar with it myself. I tell myself to warm up my mind and body because I’m just being a cold person but it is not easy. I think we decide we need pain. I am in very real trouble when I assume others need as much pain as I do. I need people and if I hurt them, they will be cold to me or even tell me to leave.


they tried visuals, triggered by billy connolly but it didn’t work. all i did was dream about seeing things, i didn’t actually see anything. i don’t think you can achieve that hypnotically to be honest, however much you hurt someone, or of you can it would just be an over lay on something that’s already there and i think it would have to be almost exactly the same so there’s not a lot of point in them trying it again so nope, no visuals for me. all i know about outward voices is that they would have to be out of body personalities and i don’t think i could produce a male voice regardless of the programming however much they hurt me. i think they would always be female voices, some high pitched some low pitched but always me if you get what i mean. i still don’t believe in telepathy. i believe you can be made to think you’re telepathic by inserting personalities both male and female which you will hear but i don’t think they’ll keep their identities outwardly. i could be wrong but i don’t think so. i’ve never heard just plain sounds though i know people who do, not sure that that could be done either to be honest.

yes chordy that was exactly how it was done by rape and torture and forcing me to surrender to their will that’s exactly how brain washing is done, both to me and my family. my family’s bombs just haven’t gone off yet and quite frankly i don’t think they will but if i don’t do something about it they’ll keep coming back for my kids…and their kids…and so on till every last protagonist is dead and there’s a long way to go before that happens as their all quite fit and healthy right now unfortunately.


This is probably not the time -

When this is all through, maybe you could write a screenplay about your experiences.