Outta time solo high demand rent money fresh air used me and infinity

This is going to be formatted like my zen commandments post.

I have to go back downtown today again this afternoon ( in about 5 hrs) for the second part of the interview. Basically today I’ll be filling out paper work and going into the field.

This is a good opportunity for me and a big step forward if i succeed . i can’t take no vacation’s i can’t lose. Igotta be in a rush i can’t be running out of time.dondondon × what you mean what’s on my mind❓ federal reserves on my mind…
Taking a clean batch to fight my demons.
Right now i need to be getting ready to head to the center.

Go to2nd pt of interview
Get a job
Start working
See tasc lady
Post 7 :musical_note:
Send taxes

. due date:asap


Good luck at your job interview!


Yes, good luck for your interview!

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Running late. On the bus about to catch this train. I have 50 mins left.
I missed my first bus because i was looking for my id and bus card

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Good luck! You can make it!


Well the bus was late too.
The bs never fails

45 mins left and still not at the train station .

Ok just arrived at the station

How long is the train ride?


51 minutes. I called them and the crazy part is that i was suppos to call ahead… long story short … I’m on my way

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I hope the train moves as quickly as possible for you.


Thanks my ninja

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This train ride is so uncomfortable.

I had to switch train carts because this girl sat next to me and i had to clear my throat because I’m coming off a cold. Just maintaining an image. Plus she would’ve turned on me if i tried to pursue her … even succeeding with aconvo and a number could later on down the line be a mistake.

  • represent gotts represent
    Chase a check never chase a🐕
    future-mask off prod by metro
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Downtown at Chicago


I’m worried about this background check really but i can’t stop.
I can never go back broke that’s what really matters. . I’m about to shadow/ a worker. I’ll be working free balling until 9/10pm. It sucks because they don’t do the background check until AFTER I’M HIRED… it’ll take a day or two.
I’m in the van with the guys. I’ll update you guys tomorrow. Stay up guys

same here. I’m hyper-sensitive to touch. even refused frisk from officer.

I usually stand on trains. I rarely go outside anyways.

I think overly intimately. I think most people, at least non-males, don’t think as overly intimately as I do. also, the adjacent passenger…

could be sitting next to partner or friend.
could be sitting next to husband or child.
could be asexual.
could be not attracted to men.

stay safe, dude.

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Gotta Go back downtown Today for day1 on the clock. I’ll just keep going until i hear the results… of the background ccheck .
Stomach on e. If i don’t get the job well at least i don’t have to go through that lengthy commute and at least i tried.
If i Do indeed get the job( stay employed) then i can begin to think about the possibilities.

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