Outpatient to curb pot smoking

I’ve been having some difficulties lately surrounding my pot use. Feeling detached at work and just a general restlessness from being high all the time. my therapist recommended I go to outpatient therapy to curb or end my pot smoking. Is it a good idea? Yes, in that it will occupy my free time. No, in that I’ve been through the ringer of outpatient before without much success. Might it be different this time? Maybe, I am a different person than what I was just a few years ago. My work is my savior and I cant jeopardize this great job I have worked so hard at just so that I can get high recreationally.

looking for feedback… has outpatient helped you with addiction? how about with sz? my experience being I have to listen and share in a controlled setting which can get extremely stressful.

I’ve had that kind of therapy and yes it helps with addictive things
Try it again… Try not to treat it as stress, but healing


It helps me a little. I am more motivated to curb my pot smoking after talking about it with my shrink. But only when I am already intent on reducing it.

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yes, one to one with a therapist is very effective in cutting down. based on past experience, when I have to sit and listen in a group does my irrational thinking tend to take over. perhaps it is not the greatest of strategies for me. i’m thinking either going back to 12-step or just white knuckling it til I can get it all figured out. blessed that I have caregiving parents who are strict about pot.

Do something about your pot smoking. It will be your downfall. There’s MA meetings online.

thanks Nick. I’m trying my best, time to look outside of myself for help.

burnt my rec letter, flushed my remaining supply… hate the idea of wasting money but it had to be done. November 8, 2015: my new sober date.

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Congratulations! You’ll see in a few months you’ll feel much better. The sober mind is more clear. It’s been little over a year for me and I have no intention on going back.

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