Outcasted by the outcasts

This is how I felt my whole life. Outcast by the outcasts. I have always been a true outcast. Sometimes I meet someone who I feel is an outcast. They give that vibe. Then they just naturally flow and blend in with the group. They’re not a true outcast. The person who tries to be an outcast to fit in. There are many of these type of people. I mean don’t get me wrong, I’ve tried to fit in before, it just doesn’t work. I am a true outcast. Outcasts of the world unite! I wished I could fit in but now realize it is not possible for me.


In highschool I gravitated to the uncool crowd. We were nerds before nerds. Playing chess in the library before school. We were on the fringe for sure and I’ve always liked those kind of people. Years later I have half a dozen friends from those times and some of them are crazier than me!

It’s not a bad thing being on the fringe. You learn to survive on your terms and if you do it right it’s all about realization and just doing your thing!

Viva la difference!




I’m just a poor boy, nobody loves me.


Makes me think of younger days, personality plus and all that jazz. As i get older I like who I like and they like me. Is no real “in” group among supportive friends but that comes with time and maturity i think.

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Some people are bears others are wolves. (Proverbally speaking)

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