Out too lunch!

So had my stitch out of my ear today. No skin cancer and just a spot so the doc will burn it off next time I see him. Anyways. Get back from doc at around 10 am and the old boy says we are going to lunch with the bros…

One of my brothers runs a painting business and my other two brothers work for him. They knocked off for the Xmas break today and had some spare time so we went down and met them for lunch down one of the major shopping centers. Little brother footed the bill for lunch and I had some spicy beef nachos which weren’t spicy but were really good. Actual pulled beef nachos and very tasty!

A surprise lunch but it was a good time and a decent lunch. Gotta love Xmas!


And they say there is no such thing as a free lunch. Apparently there is!

Nachos sounds delicious btw.

Glad you enjoyed yourself.


Glad you have a good relationship with your siblings, cherish them… Mine pretends I don’t even exist I actually miss my brother

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Good for you for having the flexibility to enjoy a spontaneous outing!


Right on mate!

Sounds like good quality time with the bros, and you can’t beat a free lunch. :slight_smile:

Now I’m curious to taste what Mexican food taste like in the land down under. :joy:


Our mexican is so poor when it comes to Southern US mexican. People don’t believe my stories from over there about how bloody good your stuff is. Anyways. It was good for here! And…a very good question my friend :slight_smile:



Awww you poor lads.

I’m telepathically going to send you a plate of my chorizo and egg burritos.

:wink: :crazy_face:


I know…there’s these Mexican restaurants over here that are getting popular and I’ve tried them and been like meh. Just can’t do it right but your lucky to have some great stuff and cheap too in the scheme of things… Still. It’s fun to eat out especially when your not paying for it!!! :slight_smile:


Sounds good! Glad the doc appointment went well and that you got to go spend time with family :blush:

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Sounds like a good outing!

I don’t know about Mexican food there, but I’ve been to New South Wales twice, and had excellent Chinese in a little town called Junee. Everyone else shared dishes, but I had kung pao tofu. One of my favorites, but not surprisingly, no one else was interested…lol

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Glad you went out with your brothers!

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