Out past Rattlesnake Ridge

Back when I was 13 years old a neighbor child and I decided one morning to go hunting we took our trustee 22s I’m headed out to Rattlesnake Ridge when we got as far as the border of our property we decided to trespass on the neighbors although we did not know them after climbing the hill we came across a dried-up Creek bed that ran into a pond with trees around it looking through the trees there was a car sitting in the middle of a pond half-submerged in the car was clearly a skeleton that had been driving the car frightened by what we saw we started heading back talking amongst the two of us we weren’t for sure whether the neighbors had something to do with it it was an old time traveler that ran off the road since we trespassed did we dare say anything to our parents after making it home we had decided not to say anything but my friend confessed to his folks


After The Hornet’s Nest settled and there was an investigation my friend who did me the honour and never mentioned I was there although the case was closed rather fastly I often wonder what it truly happened


Wow ! That’s a scary thing to see for sure. It was good that you guys saw it though and that it got reported to the authorities.

Pretty scary! 15544

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