Out on my own now

As per this year, I am no longer seeing a psychiatrist or therapist. I’ll be going to the GP only if things go downhill severely. Maybe not so big of a step, but still a step in my recovery.

To part with my psychiatrist is a bit sad, it was quite a unique relationship to be honest. Not that we were best friends. But he was a good guy, and has meant a lot to me. I remember very well the first thing he told me when we first met in person. Told me in the most genuine way that I must have had such a hard time dealing with psychosis on my own for over half a year. (I locked everything inside, nobody found out until I did so myself). In those words, and his expressions, I found the understanding of the impact the episode had on me. It is quite remarkable I would say, to gain a PSZ’s trust in an instance. And important to the guy’s trade. It showed when I had a relapse, and my paranoia turned against some people closest to me like my relatives. I reached out for my psychiatrist in those times of need. And he answered. Seems to me that, especially when treating a PSZ patient, trust is like the medium in which the doctor can work. And he got to establish it in a second, prior to any use of medication. Which in retrospect shows me this is a man highly skilled in his craft. I think it is always nice to meet people who are good at a respectable trade. And when such a person goes on to more or less safe your life as you knew it, that makes those encounters all the better.


Good luck.,.,.,.


All the best with your new life​:heart::heart::heart:

Kate xxx