Out of options?

Current med regime
Benzotropine 1mg for eps
propanolol 10mg
Vyvanse(which is causing me to overthink and be super critical, and
The negative voice in the background has grown louder)
Rhodiola rosea (numbs my emotion so the negative voice doesn’t bother me)
[PANTOPRAZOLE NA 20MG] for stomach acid refulx
Propanolol for nightmares
Rexuti 4mg for antipsyctoic
Benzotropine 1mg for eps
abilify pills 20mg for sleep
I have tried almost every antipscytoic
I just need something to keep me calm and put me to sleep at night. When I close my eyes they still feel open after trying med called reequp.
I also have went the benzo route but none do the job.
Xanaxx flipped me into episode while i was at work, so none of that. I go to the pdoc tmmrw, but they just ask me what i think i should be on. Ive even tried clozaril. Im lost, i feel like im the only one with symptoms like these.


You take so much stuff I only take my ability and lamictal at night and sometimes 3mgs ativan

yea with little relief :frowning:

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At bedtime, I take a large dose of Perphenazine, as it is calming. I also take my daily dose of Calcium, since it is soothing. For sleep I take a small dose of Trazadone and a subclinical dose of Seroquel.

I sleep.


Have you tried any actual prescription sleep aids for sleep? Not antipsychotics?

I’ve tried Ambien that ended terribly, since then I didn’t explore that route, Any info on topic?

I found Abilify to be activating when I was on it, so I took it in the morning. Could that be keeping you awake?

Also, I take 6 mg of Melatonin at bedtime, and it works for me. Zyprexa is activating for me, and I can’t get to sleep without my Melatonin.

I tried going days w/0 it n I don’t fall asleep w/0 it. Any recommendations for a sleep med, I tried melatonin gummies n they give me nightmares.

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I take Belsomra for sleep but it makes me feel horrible in the morning

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Ouch thanks for being honest💯, yea I’m completely lost on how to get some sleep.

Hi, I too found, abilify is very activating and take it in the morning…

Did you try that first and perhaps take something dizzying in the evening like melatonin, or lasea. i took lasea once i was anxious and it helped me calm down before sleep. L-Theanine also may help (e.g. in green tea) to calm down, altough it is no sleeping aid.

If either does not help, try a sleep aid prescription.

I take valerian root and magnesium to help me sleep.