Out of Nowhere

I recently got offered a job in I.T., my trade… And the university said that I could return to my studies next fall… yet after this good news, I have RAPIDLY become depressed. I am paranoid of a lot right now. I was doing so well, then this came out of nowhere.

I have my first child on the way, due on Christmas day of this year. This cannot happen after he is born, it just can’t.

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take a deep breath , you are just feeling overwhelmed by the baby, new job, returning to studies…
’ muggles '…go through the same anxiety…you are going through a lot at the moment…
congrats on your baby…
you’ll be fine.
take care


Congratulations on the approaching child.

You do have a lot on your plate and there is a lot of stress and worry when a baby is on the way. Finding someone to talk to about all this might help… or one of those community center Saturday parenting classes might ease a bit of anxiety… let you know that it will be Ok.

I hope you feel better soon and get to enjoy the arrival of your child.

Thanks guys. My therapist seems to think that the job is something to avoid right now. He did suggest that I keep busy with studies until I am readmitted to the university. Days will be quite eventful and busy after my little one is born.

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