Out of it/not in the right mind frame

I want to let everyone know that I may not be on the next couple of days. If I am it wont be for much. I’m in such a negative mood right now, I haven’t been able to shake it all day. I’m so depressed and feel so worthless, hopeless, and useless. So I may try and take a break from some things and just try and relax until this mood passes however long it takes me.

The bad (or good if you wish) thing is nothing bad has happened so I don’t know what triggered this set back. So I don’t know how to fight it and get past it. I don’t know if the chemicals in my brain are just off today or what. I haven’t been feeling well and maybe it’s my mind/body just trying to recuperate. I don’t know sometimes I get like this before that time of the month and it can be a sign to be expecting it, maybe it’s just that. I don’t know I just hope it goes away sometime soon. I hate feeling like this.

Having a mental illness is traumatic. Something to recuperate from. Sometimes the trauma is too overwhelming. Then it’s time to rest.

i hope you are feeling better soon.
take care