Out of body, be back in 20 min.... (new gift from the head circus)


Maybe it’s a stress thing, maybe I tried to do to much yesterday, but last night I felt like I left my body for 20 minutes at a time. It felt like I was controlling it via remote. I was a balloon just hovering over the action trying to maintain control. Then I’d be back in and then I’d pop out again.

The feeling of disconnecting came on when the young man (who cheated on my sis and made her cry) came over to try and patch it up with her. She was going to let him in, I didn’t want him in. So she’s trying to open the door to let him in, and I’m trying to squish him out of the door. Half of me was yelling out, “this is so stupid” But I couldn’t stop myself. That whole time I felt like I was viewing this as a third party and I was floating around the room. I was also threatening some really weird out there stuff that we both know would never happen. He left and I got back in my body. I was Ok for a bit.

The kid sis also made a promise to take our nephew to the night market in the U-dist. I’ve never been. So my body decided it wanted to go. I think she was trying to talk me out of it by saying it’s loud and crowded and it’s the last night of winter break for the students so the are all going to get silly. So my body, went to her car without me and got in and buckled up and refused to get out of the car.

It was busy, and crowded and looked like a Turkish Bazar. It was the strangest feeling of not being attached to my body. Near death experiences are described as out of body, but I wasn’t anywhere near death, I was near the parsnips. (I’ve never tried one, so I picked a few up.) My nephew got separated from us for a bit. Usually a missing child will make me panic and go right to kidnappers.

But since I was feeling like a balloon floating away, I was calmly thinking that I could spot him from above. (What ???) what ever it took… I was calm, my sis was getting a little worried and we found him by the Hookah’s. There is a very beautiful, hand blown glass hookah as tall as him that he now wants for his birthday. (Just what every 6 year old boy needs.)

I was VERY freaked out again when my sis shook her head and calmly said, “You know the consequence for running off” The little guy sighed, nodded and held up his arm and my Sis actually pulled out a pair of hand cuffs and hand cuffed our nephew to the belt loops of her skirt. (that really sent me floating up. Talk about flash back. I used to do that to her.) It was an evening full of little jolts that just kept me floating away. I really hope this isn’t going to happen around crowds now. I really don’t like the idea of floating around the ceiling.

It was like being an inverted yoyo… out of body, in the body, out of body, in the body. Yesterday, I took my med, I’ve had a good nights sleep, I ate a healthy meal, only one cup of coffee and two cigarettes…

I have no idea where this floaty out of body feeling is coming from. Less nicotine? Less Caffeine? A new way to avoid stress? (which is stressing me out) Tonight is my first class on campus(ever). I hope I don’t float around classroom.

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Out of Body Experiences

This sounds like depersonalization/derealization. A symptom of severe anxiety or panic. It’s possible that your stress levels were so high that your mind detached from your physical reality.

You have to lower your stress. I know you have a lot going on. With your sis, work, school, groups. That’s a lot of stress there!

Hopefully that won’t happen again. But even if it doesn’t, you should talk to your doctor about it. He needs to know about how daily life stressors affect you.

I hope you stay well bud. We’re rooting for you!





Wow, that is an amazing trick from the head circus. Making that much overload feel so calm. I don’t like that feeling. It’s like being high only without the fun stuff. Thank you for that. So, too much stress and you pop out of your body… Interesting coping devise. I’ll nip this in the butt.

I’ve been trying to figure this new trick out. I’ll take it easy today and not do too much until it’s time for class. I’ll give my pdoc a call too see if I can pop in sometime this next two weeks.

Thank you… This idea is very helpful.



Some reassurance. You felt freaked out. You had some out of body experiences. You went to a crowded busy market. You are stressed. Guess what though. You made it through all that and you are still here, coherently talking about it with humor. :thumbsup:

Class tonight is probably stressing you more then you realize. Do a check list so that you know you are prepared for it. Have a good long bath and don’t forget to breathe. As long as you don’t float out of the classroom you got this. :wink:



Maybe arrive at the campus a bit earlier and give yourself sometime walking around and sitting in the lecture theatre before class begin?

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Thank you for that. I’ve been sitting here looking at my book for the week… There is a LOT going on. Work is on light break for one more week, but everything else in the world seems to be happening…

It’s funny how it creeps up on you huh? I wasn’t even aware of how creepy it was getting. My sneaky brain was telling me I needed to smoke more… (oh that sneaky brained thinking)



I like that idea. I will get there early… so I can get used to the place, and so I can get a seat in the back with no one behind me.

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Take it easy. The first class. Just try to feel how do you like the environment and the feelings of having a class.



PS: Parsnips may look like white carrots, but they taste horrid raw. Can you cook them like carrots or do they get added to stuff? What can you do with parsnips???



lol now you have me curious. Maybe stews and soups.

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I think my mother-in-law used to serve them like boiled potatoes, with butter, salt and pepper. They still tasted horrid.



haha that is awesome man haha i never heard of this happening before haha,

i wish i could pop in and out of my body when ever i feel stressed in waking life tho then i could use my body as a kind of marionette but with telepathic strings lol and i could get out of my stressful situation asap and calm down then i would just re-enter my body when it felt better, i like the sound of that haha

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I think you should make sure that your body isn’t craving something- nicotine or caffeine may be the culprit. If I dont have my coffee and nicotine, I feel mildly disorganized and I start acting silly and feel very strange, like a lost child…If that makes any sense. But the if I have my black coffee and a cig with it, and im sharp as a tack.

I don’t know what else to say man, I’ve never had tactile hallucinations or that much depersonalization. Before I got on xanax, I would have psychotic symptoms if I was in public or in a place with too many loud people, like everyone would be talking about me. Good luck with school, I start back soon too!

Of course tell your doc all about this, and keep going strong! You know its just your head circus, which is very good, it means you’re legally sane, to be technical. Legally insane people are mentally ill people who don’t understand their illness and let it guide their behavior. You’re on top of it, so stay on top!

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it has happened to me i was watching tv and then i was floating outside the window looking in at my self , but normaly it happens when sleeping or half asleep , i personally like the experience.
take care

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Me? Legally sane? Wow, I do understand where your coming from and concerning the definition by law I’m positive your very correct. But the thought of anything sane about me… It made me smile. Thank you. I will get a handle on this. Thanks for the encouragement.

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I’ve always experienced separation. It’s not so much like a floating sensation for me, but more akin the feeling of being a rubber band that can stretch to a great length and then will snap back suddenly. During these moments I do not feel like I am connected to my physical body, more like I have been stretched away from myself and reside at a great distance directly to my left (I don’t know why or how, but I know that I move to the left). Once I’ve stretched out and paused for a variable period of time I suddenly snap back. It feels exactly like waking up to someone standing over you. I’m suddenly plunged into panic trying to assess my surroundings, trying to ascertain how long it lasted and whether or not anyone took notice of my little trip. It takes me about 15-20 mins to calm down and convince my head that everything is now real. I usually reach out and touch something familiar reminding myself that if I can feel it, then it exists, and I’m okay.

The biggest issue is that these periods of separation have recently evolved into something more serious and much more detached. About two weeks ago I was sitting at my local coffee house/ brew pub, having a conversation and I had a separation episode right there at the bar. The guy I was having a chat with didn’t even seem to notice. Apparently I had continued my conversation, even though I wasn’t really there. I find the fact that I carried on with him to be the most interesting/disturbing part since I’m not really sure how I could have done that since all of my separation episodes involve me going very still and making no action whatsoever let alone having a discussion.

I decided since I wasn’t sure how much longer I was going to be able to keep it together and things were now moving out of my control that I should give in and talk to someone. I sat down and told my mother this past Thursday. 28 years worth of thoughts and episodes got thrown at her. To her credit, she sat there calmly and encouraged me to keep talking. Afterwards, she asked me if I wanted to get professional assistance and a proper diagnosis. I said yes and she immediately searched out a list of facilities. I did some research and picked the one that I felt comfortable with. She made the call Friday. I ended picking out probably the most expensive private mental health facility in our area. Once she explained my healthcare status (or the lack of one) they attempted to direct her to a facility better suited to my income, but she wasn’t having any of that. After lengthy conversations with a few different people she got me an appointment for this Friday and got the $200 first appointment fee waved. She’s also worked out the financial logistics if I need further care from them. She’s been amazing. Over the past few days I’ve started to feel much better. The sense of relief of having her know seems to be balancing out the trepidation of having to explain everything to a professional and receive a diagnosis.

I do find that if I’m around my little brother I don’t really have an episode. Or even the typical delusions and paranoia that are usually rolling around in my head. He’s 9 ½ years my junior so I think the maternal/nurturing side of me kicks in and allows me to focus on him and tune out the white noise and keep me in the present. It’s almost like he neutralizes everything. Music is also highly effective, both listening and playing with the latter providing the most solace. I am completely useless at anything with strings but I’m surprisingly talented at rhythmically hitting something.

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I’ve had a hundred weird symptoms. Sometimes it seems like a new one every day. I’m sure you could find a recipe online to use up those parsnips. How did the class go? Yeah, you’ve got a good sense of humor, it must help.

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Thank you :smile: :star: I’m not the only one of two…
I’m 28 and my kid sister is 11 years younger then I am and has been by my side since the day she was born. Everyone always knew I was calmer around her. When she got older,she was the one to come in and talk me down from a panic and help me get back in my head. She’s 17 now and she lives with me while she’s starting college. She is my best friend and lifesaver. I am glad you have a sibling who adds some joy to your life.

It was AMAZING how your Mom handled all that 28 years. Very cool headed woman who is ready to do what it takes for you. Good luck with everything.


I’m thinking the parsnips will work with potatoes. My sis and I are looking up recipes. This might be my new thing, go find something I’ve never eaten before and try to eat it… (food wise of course) San Francisco and Seattle are both really diverse cites, there is food from all over the world in our towns. Who knew a root vegetable could be and adventure too.

Class was better then I was expecting. There are only 10 of us in the class, all adults and the teacher seems to be pretty cool so far. It’s Geometry on campus and English on-line. The on-line class is going to be a lot of writing in different styles… writing for persuasion, writing for narrative, writing for technical, so the assignments sort of build up to how and why someone is writing something. It’s really interesting. I’m glad that one is on line.

How is your class on-line going? Yesterday was your new quarter too?



I’m so glad that it went well for you, J! I knew you could do it. Keep up the great work!



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things is you did it! your felt the anxiety and panick but you didn it. don’t let this set back bring you down two steps forward one step back repeat try again. tc

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