Our yard has become a breeding ground for chipmunks

BOth front and back. This is in the front of my mind at the moment because I just went out front to vape and I saw three of them dart into hiding.

I mean its like a bad apartment with cockroaches when you turn on the lights, when you walk outside.

At least I think they are chipmunks. They could be groundsquirrels, but I’m pretty sure they are chipmunks. Itty bitty guys and gals. Look an awful lot like this guy :

Chipmunk_with_stuffed_cheeks_in_Prospect_Park_(05980) (1)

They will often hide in the downspouts. Maggie will sometimes smell them and sniff around the downspouts and hang out a lot.

Prior to this, I am not aware that I had ever seen a chipmunk in person. My knowledge was mostly limited to Alvin, Simon, and Theodore.

I would like to get some pics, but the little buggers are so small and fast.

Anywho…yeah lots of chipmunks.


Why not get a cat lol :cat2:

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I actually didnt want to get into it…because I thought people might be disturbed by it, but Maggie actually caught one a week or two ago. I had to pry it out of her mouth.

Personally, i dont want to kill them. My mom would probably appreciate them out of her gardens, though.

They are actually quite cute and seem mostly harmless outside of what they may do in the gardens…


You could probably relocate them.

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I see chipmunks by the lake sometimes when I walk for Monday Wellness Group. I also kept seeing one in the Cenex Co-op window when I would walk by.

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That’s not a bad Idea. I think the neighbors who have a 10 cars at a time and sometimes mow at 9pm have the perfect fenced in yard to set loose a dozen chipmunks. lol.

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The squirrels protest your favouring the chipmunks. We demand equal time.

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oh, no worries. Squirrels are quite prevalent in our neighborhood. They spend less time in one yard, though it seems. They Like travel throughout the whole neighborhood. These chipmunks seem to stay closer to home.

Chipmunks are not squirrels and do not deserve a home. Your lack of loyalty me is disturbing.

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I have a lot of chipmunks on my property
I think they are so cute!

As long as it’s not mice I’m fine with them


Do you have oak trees or pines around your house they like the acorns and the seeds in the pine cones.


No, we have a huge tree that produces the whirley birds in backyard. According to the internet, only maples do this, so i guess thats what it is.

But we have a lot of vegetation and several gardens back there. So, i have no idea what they are attracted to.

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Later in the summer, here the squirrels start getting active and you get to watch squirrel pornography in live action from your very own living room! They get REALLY ready for winter here…we don’t have chipmunks, tho…

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